Monday, 14 June 2010

IOW: The wonder of Juliette

Was truly lucky to meet the legend that is Juliette Lewis at the weekend at Isle of Wight. I watched the early Johnny Depp classic What's Eating Gilbert Grape last week and LOVED it so it was even more crazy to chat to her. PLUS she worked with Omar from Mars Volta on her latest album Terra Incognita. Bam, that's a touch. And who could forget Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers!? She was rocking some serious double denim too - in a good way - with some amazing flares with American flags on them and a denim jacket. As if she wasn't cool enough with her matching blue hair, when she came down the media run to me she started raving about my feather earring and Tatty Devine genie lamp necklace. Wish I'd given my earring to her right then and there! I have four. That would have been alright! "Here you go Jules, my treat!" Oh hindsight isn't a wonderful thing really, it's like the time I walked past Diplo the day after the best DJ set ever at Mad Decent Soundystem. Still wish I'd hi-fived him. He played a dubstep version of Pixies Where Is My Mind?. TOO MUCH.

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